Embarking on my journey at RWTH Aachen, I dove deep into the world of Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (german), where the blend of engineering and economics crafted the foundation of my analytical and strategic skills. My path led me to collaborate with esteemed figures like Prof. Dirk Müller and Michael Adolphs at EONERC EBC, exploring the frontiers of energy research, and then to the IT Center, where technology and service management became my playground. At the TIM Technology and Innovation Management Group with Frank Piller, I immersed myself in the dynamics of innovation, learning the art of transforming ideas into tangible solutions.

Transitioning to Schaeffler, I navigated through various roles, from leading initiatives at Schaeffler Monitoring Services GmbH to pioneering solutions with Schaeffler Lifetime Solutions and driving the development of Schaeffler OPTIME. Each step was a leap towards redefining the boundaries of industrial technology and service excellence. My collaboration with Trianel further cemented my commitment to energy efficiency and smart solutions.

My technical proficiency spans a vast technology stack, where I’ve honed capabilities in cloud computing, IoT, data analytics, and more, always aiming to merge technical prowess with business insight to foster innovation and drive forward-thinking solutions. This journey reflects not just a career but a passion for pushing boundaries, whether in technology, management, or the relentless pursuit of excellence in triathlon training.

In the realm of athletics, my passion for triathlon stands as a testament to my commitment to personal growth and endurance. This journey is more than just a series of races; it’s a lifestyle that demands discipline, resilience, and a continuous pursuit of self-improvement. Each swim, bike, and run is an opportunity to push my limits, learn from the experience, and strive for balance in both body and mind. My engagement in this demanding sport reflects my dedication to setting ambitious goals and the relentless pursuit to achieve them, paralleling the values I uphold in my professional life.